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Sherry McKillop, CTPC


Leadership Development

We provide tools, training and coaching designed to dramatically increase personal and organizational effectiveness and performance. Our clients are forward-thinking decision makers inside growing organizations. They believe in making a unique difference with the products and services they provide. They look for ways to strategically develop and retain their people so together they can execute performance objectives with excellence.


Team Development

Authentic Teamwork® is defined as creating an environment where people are authentically inspired to work together to generate a high level of performance results along with personal and job satisfaction, while working to fulfill the inspired mission and vision of the organization. The tools we provide contribute to significant, positive and lasting improvement in the results of the organizations that implement them, and in the lives of their people.



A trained coach can assist in uncovering strategic paths and partnerships that lead to a client's personal and professional objectives. In creating a coaching relationship we will identify primary motivators, core values and key talents. We will align strengths, needs, values, and actions - the foundation for authentic leadership - genuine, powerful, meaningful, and purposeful. Live into a future that inspires you!


We deliver unique programs, with proven methodologies, that generate powerful results.



This highly regarded, nationally recognized, award-winning community leadership program is specifically designed to create, equip, and engage leaders in local non-profit and government sectors. Join a high-powered group of leaders for this 9-month program.

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Being A Leader

On some level, you sense you are not reaching your full potential as a leader. If you desire to exercise your leadership effectively, in a way that is natural for you, and has you producing positive results no matter the situation, then the Being A Leader course is perfect for you.

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This dynamic program begins with the Insights Inventory®, a state-of-the-art personality assessment. The Insights enhance communication, productivity and effectiveness. They help leaders, managers and CEO's recognize individual and team behavioral tendencies.

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Team Diagnostic

This powerful instrument regards the team as a "system." Built on two axes: factors that optimize productivity, and factors that promote positivity. These strengths provide a complete picture of the necessary attributes for high-performing and sustainable teams.

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Follow Your Compass

Sherry McKillop, principal and founder of Follow Your Compass®, is an experienced expert in team and leadership development. Her broad range of leadership and entrepreneurial experience spans thirty-four years. She has over 25 years of experience developing leaders and over 11 years specifically as a leadership trainer and coach. Her vision is that every entity she works with will achieve a significant, positive, and lasting improvement in their performance results and in the lives of their people.


Sherry is recognized for her training, coaching, and speaking skills. She brings experience, clarity of vision, authenticity, and results to the lives of the individuals and the organizations she is entrusted to work with.


She works with individuals at all levels to perform with confidence and power. She equips them to improve their effectiveness so they can deliver outstanding results. Her clients include a wide range of individuals and organizations in Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda and Sacramento counties.


In addition to a Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Art and Design, Sherry has extensive leadership experience and holds the following certifications: Team Coaching Institute (Team Coaching), TalentSmart (Emotional Intelligence), Laurie Beth Jones, Inc. (Life Coaching - Professional Path Coach), Being A Leader (Clemson University). She maintains memberships in: the Association of Leadership Programs, The Association for Talent Development, and the International Coach Federation. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Napa Chamber of Commerce, the Napa-Lake Workforce Investment Board, the Sacramento Coaches Association and several other non-profits elsewhere in California.


Follow Your Compass®, Authentic Teamwork®, and Leadership Unleashed® are registered trademarks owned by Sherry McKillop.


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